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Nele kelchtermans

  • 2021: Master’s degree in Law KULeuven
  • Internship at the Hubi & Vinciane foundation in Parakou Benin
  • Erasmus exchange program at the University of Leeds, United Kingdom
  • Lawyer at the Bar of Antwerp since October 2021

I have always had a strong sense of justice. It is also in this respect that I chose to study law and hereafter join the bar. As a lawyer, I can not only give legal advice but also assist people in court.

Within the firm, I have chosen to focus mainly on immigration law because, for me, it relates most closely to human rights. People who flee their country of origin do not commit a crime. They often go through terrible things on their way to Belgium. These people need both legal and psychological assistance. I am pleased to be able to assist these people legally in, among other things, their application for residence, even though this is often a struggle against the system.

In 10 years, I would like to see the world evolve more united. Currently, there is a tremendous amount of division. I think it is important to keep communicating with each other, because often behind an extreme opinion lies ignorance. As long as everyone continues to be receptive to each other, I do see a positive evolution.

Furthermore, I hope for a more humane and more simplified policy regarding immigrants. Some people have been in Belgium for years, contribute to society, but still do not get the right of residence.

Finally, I also strive for change myself. A quote I always quote is from Steve Jobs: “The people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do”.

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