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How much does your lawyer cost?


Every case is different, making a cost estimate in general very difficult. The fees associated with each case are always different.

During the first consultation, the lawyer will provide you with more details. Then the lawyer will have a clear picture of your problem and he or she can indicate more precisely which strategy can be followed and what the associated fees are.

It will always be checked whether legal assistance insurance can intervene and whether you are eligible for a free lawyer (Pro Deo). In the latter case, the lawyer will decide to assist you in this system or to refer you to the Legal Aid Office.


In all cases, advances are used. This means that you will be asked in advance to pay part of the fee.

In complex cases, several advances may prove necessary. When your case is closed, you will receive a final statement.

Office costs and court costs

In addition to the fee, there are also office costs. These are the fixed costs for insurance, personnel, maintenance, but also variable costs incurred in your file, such as the costs of preparing a file, costs of correspondence, making copies, answering e-mails, telephones, etc. We use fixed rates for these costs.

Court costs are the costs that must be paid, such as court fees, translations, bailiff costs, etc. These costs must of course also be paid by you.

Litigation Fee

If you win your case, you can in certain cases obtain a so-called legal compensation. This is a compensation for the fact that you had to call on a lawyer and from which you can partially recover the costs incurred by you. It is only a flat-rate compensation and certainly not the reimbursement of all your costs. The judge determines in the judgment what amount you are entitled to. The lawyer will settle this amount in the final settlement.